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Weigh In Day Fail

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04.04 – 320

04.11 – 318

04.18 – 317

04.25 – 320


But really, what was I to expect? I only worked out twice this week. I ate crap, and when I was eating good stuff I was eating too much of it. Over the weekend I let the emotions of tragedy and of a disagreement with my SS get the best of me and I ate. And ate. And sat on the couch and ate a bit more between bouts of crying and sleeping.

So I’m back to where I was on the scale 3 weeks ago. It happens. I’m frustrated and I’m kicking myself, but I’m not giving up. It just means I have to be aware of every single decision I make. I’ve just sort of been doing this haphazardly, and I need to get more focused with it. Journaling, Counting Calories, Determining what I’m burning. Keep my butt OFF of the couch, etc.

First major step, stop drinking so many calories. I’m giving up Coffee.


Did I just say that?

I don’t like my coffee like I like my men. Black coffee is disgusting. So I load it with hundreds of calories and sugar by dumping in flavored creamer.  Coffee itself has good qualities to it I know, but I don’t like it in it’s natural, good for you, state. So unless and until I can like it that way, I’m cutting it out. Tea I like without any extras so I’m allowing myself tea. But coffee is out.

And red meat. That’s not a hard one. I don’t normally like red meat. It’s only difficult when I’m eating out. But eating out needs to come to a stop. My wallet and my heart depend on it.

Here we go again. Here’s to a better week ahead.



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April 25, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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