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Did you have any idea how many calories are in things?  I’ve gotten the true wakeup I needed.

I joined and began entering my food into there. I like it because I don’t have to research things that I’ve written down by hand. They have nearly everything in there. It’s very simple.

I cannot believe the calories I’m eating. And really, these have been mild days compared to others I’ve had. Yesterday I was very (painfully) honest and I put every single thing I had to eat or drink, with the exception of the drink I had after I hit submit for my day.  I knew that I’ve eaten too many calories for too long, but I had never been smacked upside the head with it before, staring at me dead in the face, nowhere to turn and run away.

Monday, April 25

3886 Calories, 192g of Fat, 387.6g of Carbs, 155.7g of Protein

Tuesday, April 26 (as of 1:45 pm)

1322 Calories, 57g of fat, 141.9g of Carbs, 56.6g of Protein

I only have about 386 calories left for the day. Those can be eaten up extremely quickly. Last night I left work knowing I had already screwed up, so I really didn’t much pay attention to what I was eating the rest of the day. Well, I think I had a little discipline to not have the typical 2 bowls of cereal before bed because I didn’t want to put those in there, but I also didn’t eat a salad or something that I knew would only be minimal calories. Today I’m tempted to do the same, but I must resist.

Tonight’s goals:

Stay very close to my caloric goal

An hour of calorie burning, aerobic activity, even if I have to break them up into 15 minute intervals due to my grossly out of shape self

Try not to pass out the minute I walk in the door, but get into bed by 10.

Bed by 10 is going to be a consistent goal so I can be up by 5 am. I did really well last night at getting to bed at 10:30, but then I received a phone call from the SS around 12:30 with some bad news and had to spend the next 3 hours awake, helping him. I went back to bed at 3:30 and didn’t get up at 5.  It will be a challenge not to lay on the couch and pass out tonight, but with these horrendous calories, I’ve GOT to move my butt tonight. Although, if I got to sleep as soon as I get home tonight, I won’t have to worry about those calories.

Yeah, I know, bad rationale. I’ll work out. I think I can get the hour in, eat a light light dinner and be in bed by 9. But 10 is the absolute goal. Not a minute past.

Tomorrow, pack vitamins. I need to take those daily again. I slacked.

I worry I might be drooling on myself.  I’m THAT tired.


Written by No More Tomorrows

April 26, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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