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Sugar Sucks

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I ate a sugar cookie from Einstein Bros Bagels.  Of course, I regret it.

I didn’t bring my lunch to work today, and looking into my snack cabinet I found microwave popcorn, almonds, a granola bar, and green tea, none of which would really constitute a meal, so I set out to find something as close to fulfilling my desires of 1) Low calories 2) Not expensive.

Pretty easy, yes?

Hm, yeah right, this is America people, and our restaurants all suck when it comes to health. They pretty much all give the middle finger to health. Yeah, really, they do. Even if something is low calorie, it still ends up typically being high sodium. You really can’t win.

Unless you go to a really good, fresh, natural, organic type place, and end up owing your first born to pay for the meal.

Le sigh… just get your butt to the grocery store already girl and get to cooking. How long until you will get this through your head?

So instead of getting on the shuttle to ride to my destination, I walked, because I didn’t know what my destination was. I thought I’d just stay close to my building, grab something and head back upstairs. I walked.

Nothing looked good.

I walked more.

Still nothing.

Finally after about 6 blocks, I decided to go into Einstein Bros. I knew there would be good and bad to this choice (protein and fiber yay, sodium, carbs and potentially sat. fat, boo) but I was going to get a sandwich only, no chips, no soda, and call it good. Then I got to the register to pay and saw the cookies.

I reached for it, then pulled my hand back.

I reached again, grabbed the cookie and put it on the counter.

Crap! Self control, put it back PUT IT BAAAAAACK!


Too late.

Is it returnable?


I got my sandwich and walked 2 blocks back towards my building before getting on the shuttle.  I thought about walking the rest of the way, because it was the right thing to do to offset buying that circle of sugary death, but I didn’t want to, so I boarded the shuttle and got back to my office.

I ate my sandwich, logged it’s calories (ugh, sodium, I hate you, you’re freaking everywhere) and then logged the cookie’s calories.

And told myself to throw the cookie away.

But since when do I ever listen to myself, so I didn’t throw the cookie away. I set it on my desk, telling myself I’d save it for later.

My hands had other plans though, like they were working on their own with no help from my brain. I opened the packaging and took a small piece off of it. I will just eat a small piece now and a small piece later, and another later… you get the idea.  That would keep my sweet tooth satisfied all day long without consuming those crap calories all in one setting.

Ha!  Funny idea that was, trying to reason with my insanity.

I ate the whole damn thing. Gone.

And now here I sit with a headache and 400 wasted calories. There was truly no redeeming value in that piece of crap.

When I know better, why don’t I do better. My body tells me all the time it doesn’t like sugar, so why do I force feed it?

Now I’m chugging water to flush it out of my body as quickly as possible, and hoping I time my pee breaks correctly so that I don’t end up miserable on the train, praying I don’t sneeze, and wishing they had bathrooms on those things.

Screw you sugar. You’re not my friend.


Written by No More Tomorrows

May 10, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Posted in Health, Weight Loss

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