Surviving is not Living


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I’ve been logging my food and my exercise on My Food Diary and it’s been a GREAT resource. I never thought I’d be a calorie counter, but this site makes it SO much easier than a pen and paper and searching for every ingredient. It has nearly everything in there already. Did you eat a dinner at a restaurant and have NO idea what all is in it and how many calories? Well, type in the restaurant at the site and most likely you’ll find the entree. If you don’t, a lot of restaurants have their nutrition info online. It’s awesome!

Well, there’s also a forum there that I have read a little and posted a little on. It’s great to have a community of people heading towards the same goal with you to talk things over and share inspiration and struggles. There was a post from someone saying she just felt like it was punishment to deprive herself of what she wanted. She posted it, and I haven’t seen her come back. I’m sad for her. I can only assume she’s completely lost motivation and gone back to living however she wanted. And after mentioning she had diabetes and high blood pressure, I worry for her.

I think one of our biggest pitfalls in trying to lose weight is thinking about it in terms of depriving ourselves. Then people mention having a “treat” once in awhile to make sure you don’t get burnt out. Get burnt out on what? Being healthy? Loving yourself? Cleansing and detoxifying your body?

What is it about a cookie that’s a treat? (or insert whatever you want). Sugar = not healthy, Flour = not healthy, chocolate = only a tiny bit beneficial in small doses of natural/organic DARK chocolate, etc etc.  Why is filling your body is unneeded, empty calories a treat? You might be treating your mind, but you ain’t treating your body. You’re adding toxins to your body.

I’m not a person of extremes. I think that extremism leads to a lot of bad. However the more I read, and the more I pay attention to how I feel after eating, the more I realize we should NOT be putting any of that crap in our bodies, EVER.

I’m not saying this because I’ve mastered the difficulty of clean eating. Nearly everyday my mind wins over my body, and my body pays the consequences for the crap I’ve consumed. But I say it because I truly believe it, and I think that the solution for all of us to get healthier is to stop thinking of food as a reward or the subject of our pleasure and begin to see it as what it is, the which nourishes and sustains us to get us through the day and onto the next. Soda doesn’t do that, not really. Caffeine may give you a high, but it’s artificial.

Find something else to be your pleasure and your reward. Get rid of the notion that food = joy. Be intentional about loving yourself and caring for the only body you’ll ever have. Stop eating chemicals. It’s not deprivation. It’s a slow process, one step at a time to retrain your mind about what your body needs. One step at a time to loving you and being the best version of yourself. One step at a time.


Written by No More Tomorrows

May 19, 2011 at 11:29 am

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