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A Laundry List

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I’m totally not the blogger that will give you countless posts of what I’ve been up to, and if that’s the kind of blogger you are, then unfortunately I won’t stay a reader.

However, I do laundry lists from time to time and I like to read them from time to time in the blogs I frequent.

So here’s mine…

10 year reunion was cool, 200 and some jello shots consumed, made with vodka, some everclear, some whiskey…


So I gained a couple of alcohol pounds. It happens. Moving on…

My toe is still totally jacked. I’m going to have to come up with some things I can do not involving running so that I can burn some calories and get back to losing.

Enjoyed my days off, and yesterday was spent with the Man, which is always a wonderful thing. We had Indian (my first time, no more indian food virgin) and looked at a few different areas for apartments (for HIM not US) and went back and chilled the rest of the day while I cleaned up the kitchen from him destroying it while I was gone, and then he made dinner, which was, as usual, foodgasmic.

And now I’m back at work.

I need to get on the ball of writing and freelance work searching and gettin motivated to make my own money.

Stay tuned for a post with more depth soon.



Written by No More Tomorrows

July 26, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Posted in Life, Love, Weight Loss, Writing

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