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“My” season of the Biggest Loser week 1

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Season Premiere Week!! Welcome Back!!

And last but not least…


This is actually the season I auditioned for. It’s interesting watching it now, because had I made it, I’d actually be among these people, minus one, because I’d be in their place.

This season is about age. Does it matter in weightloss? That’s supposed to be what the show proves, that age is nothing but a number. I think past seasons have proven that, since not all the winners have been 20 somethings, and even a couple of the older contestants ended up winning the at home prize, which meant not only did they show up the youngsters, but they also did it while being at home, doing it on their own for most of the journey. But since the Biggest Loser is always looking for an angle, that’s the theme this year.

I have been addicted to this show since Season 3, and I know it’s reality tv, I know it isn’t 100% real, and I know that a 20 pound loss in a week (or a biggest loser week) isn’t realistic. All the negatives aside, I enjoy this show. So I set the DVR for Tuesday night and had the chance to watch it last night.  Here’s a recap…


The show starts with dropping off the new contestants in the desert. Alison greets them and in flies the trainers.

Bob Harper, Anna Kournikova, Dolvett Quince

Bob is the seasoned one. I like him as a trainer and he knows how to get results. Anna was announced at last season’s finale and everyone threw a fit, including me, but more on her later. Then there’s Dolvett.   Mmmmm Dolvett. You mean I missed out on the chance to have HIM as a trainer??!! That’s the moment I got really angry that I didn’t make the show. I mean, LOOK AT HIM!  Can’t you just picture it? I win the 250,000, weighing a sexy 140, confetti rains down on my head, and he runs up and proposes. It’s a beautiful scene playing in my head. Truly.

Wait… what was I saying?

Oh yes, the show.

So the trainers are introduced and then whisked back away, a mile to be exact, to the finish line of the challenge they’re about to compete in. The contestants are told that this season is the season about age and divides them into their teams, the young, the middle, and the oldest. Then Alison tells them they get to pick their trainer, but to do so they must race to them. The middles finish first, picking Bob. The youngest are next, picking Dolvett (SEE, he would have even been my trainer!!), and the oldest getting Anna. I felt bad for them right then and there. The oldest need a professional trainer, not the newbie with no training experience. I had a feeling they’d not do well.

When the race was over, Alison announced that this is where their journey began, and it would also be where it ended, because at the end of the season, every one of them will get to come back and run a marathon, and the winner of that marathon will go on to be a finalist. That’s right! Even if you get sent home week 1, you still get to come back and compete to be a finalist.

They get to the ranch and get into their first workout. There’s all the drama that the first workout always has, everybody wants to quit. People cry. Trainers yell. Most contestants end up crumpled on the floor asking to stop.

Anna Anna Anna…  Why?

Now, it’s easy to see in the show that Anna is a sweet girl, and probably wants to help out here team to actually make it. But this is where we see, just because you’re an athlete yourself, doesn’t mean you’re cut out to train others and whip them into shape. She didn’t look effective. She looked like she was taking it easy on them. This is the Biggest Loser, not Curves. That means you kick their ass no matter what age they are.

One of the contestants on the oldest team, Becky learns that her father has just passed away. She did what we all need to do when we’re upset or stressed, she went to work out. That is a lesson I need to learn immediately. Stress doesn’t equal chocolate. Stress equals, go work your ass off and sweat a bit.

Becky went home for her dad’s funeral, then everybody had their last chance workout, and then came the scale. The oldest team did about as well as I assumed they would. They lost a total of 49 pounds between the 5 of them, with Johnny losing the most at -17 and Bonnie losing the least at -4.

Bob’s middle team weighs in next, blowing away the Blue team by losing a combined total of 126 pounds, with John losing 37, and the smallest being Sunny, still at an impressive -16 pounds.

Dolvett’s red team was last, and although they didn’t win the weigh in, they blew the Blue team away too with an 89 pound loss. Vinny was the biggest loser with -21 and Patrick was right behind him with -20.

They retreated back to the house so that the Blue team could meet and plead to stay. Johnny could not be sent home since he was the biggest loser. I wondered how the team would play it. Would they get rid of Bonnie since she lost the least? Becky since she showed she could be home and still lost 10 pounds? Would Mike do the respectful thing that a lot of men do to look after women and sacrifice himself to go home? Or would it be Debbie because, well, if we’re being honest here, in reality television, black contestants never seem to make it that far.

Yes I went there.

So, they’re discussing not wanting to go home, and Debbie starts to talk about having support at home, and being okay. I was thinking that was pretty nice of her. Then she tells Bonnie it’s annoying how much she cries.


I have to say this. Dating outside of my race, and loving a black man, and by default loving his people, makes me very sensitive to how people of different races are portrayed or perceived by white people. I have a face palm moment every time things like this happen. All I could think watching this play out, was that I was sure that there were many people sitting at home, who never knew a black person before, sitting there in judgement that their stereotypical opinions had just been validated by Debbie (the black woman) picking on Bonnie (the white woman). It was frustrating.   Now, because my preconceived ideas about race have dissipated in my life from my experiences, I just saw it as a woman being catty and ridiculous to another woman about something petty. But I know what others might have seen. And I was annoyed.

Back to the recap…

They are at the elimination room, and it played out about how I expected it to.  By a vote of 3 to 2, Debbie was the first contestant eliminated from the Biggest Loser.  In the follow up, she did about as I had expected, because sometimes you can just tell if a person is going to make it on their own or not. Debbie weighed 239 when she walked on the ranch, and after a week, had gotten down 6 pounds. Since leaving the ranch, she’s lost another 13 pounds, which is pretty miniscule compared to what others often lose in that time frame. Good for her for losing, but I think a lot more would have been possible.

The show left me thinking about me. I tried to get on this season. A part of me was sad watching it, knowing I could have been there. I can do it on my own, and I’ve shown that with the 25 pounds I’ve lost so far. But it would have been nice to have that time away, to get it taken care of quicker with no distractions, and to have won 250,000 dollars (because I know I would have been the winner, I just do). But then it hit me. Drew. I have had the most amazing time getting to know him and being with him. And it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been here. I wouldn’t trade the time I’ve had with him for anything in the world. So thank you Biggest Loser casting for not choosing me, because I can’t imagine missing out on this time.

Stay tuned for next week and my review of the show.

Do you watch The Biggest Loser? What’s your favorite show on the fall lineup?


Written by No More Tomorrows

September 22, 2011 at 3:13 pm

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  1. I like your recap. I’m not always on the same line of thinking as TBL crew but love all reality shows.

    I’m so excited for all the shows that start. I’ll find time for Greys, Private Practice, Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, The Walking Dead and Top Model.

    It’s hard but somebody has to do it:)


    September 22, 2011 at 8:52 pm

  2. […] 1st Episode recap can be found here. […]

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