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1st Episode recap can be found here.


Is it just me or does this season of The Biggest Loser seem to have more dramatics?

Episode 2 of this season’s Biggest Loser opens with Alison talking to the teams about the stereotypes of different age groups. She then asks for a volunteer from each team and she takes them into a room. In this room they find donuts. Obviously, this is a temptation. There are dividers up between each person so that you can’t see what they’re doing. She then tells them that this week the gym will only be open 3 times, from 5-7 am, 12-2 pm, and 9-11 pm, and that each team may only work out in the gym once per day, for 2 hours each. She explains that the donuts are each 35 calories (small donuts by the way, like in the little packages) and that to win power over deciding who would get each slot, their team must consume the most calories.


35 CALORIES??!! For ONE of those? Are you satisfied with just one of those small donuts. I know I’m not. There are times I eat a package of 6 and still want something else. It’s not nurturing food. It’s empty calories. So I got to thinking about what else could be eaten instead and be a better choice.  The answer is, quite a lot. About a 1/2 cup to a cup of most fruits and vegetables can be eaten and only be around 35 calories. The thing I think about Temptations on the Biggest Loser is always this: Why waste calories?

I wish I could get my head wrapped around that thought in my everyday life. But it’s not yet. I waste a lot of calories.

Back to the show…

Mike on the Blue team is the first to eat a donut. He eats a few while the red team nor the black team eats any. Then they pan through the various other team members as each get their turns and nobody eats.  Some team members try to trick others into believing they’re eating, when they’re really not. Johnny was by far the most weird and disturbing with his sex-like noises. And then they get to the last round, and John from the black team states that he absolutely wants to be able to choose which time they work out. He sets to work, and INHALES those donuts. It’s quite disgusting to watch. But I wondered how many times I’ve looked that desperate and out of control. It was hard to watch.

Alison calls them all back in, and mentions that two teams ate. She then says Mike on the blue team ate 11 donuts, for 385 calories. To which he responded “That’s my lunch”. Why yes, that is a whole meal of calories, and it was wasted on nothing good. Then she says he wasn’t the winner, that ONE team member at 37 donuts, for a total of 1295 calories.  As soon as she announced it I swear I saw tears hit John’s eyes. He was out of control. He didn’t even think about what he ate, he just ate it. And all I saw on his face was regret. I nearly cried for him. How many times after a binge do I just wish I could take it back, drink enough water to flush it away, or get to the bathroom and get it out of my system. It was devastating to see him that out of control, because I understood.

Now on to the workouts.

The Black team chose the 5-7 am slot. They all complained about having to get up, but then one person said, if it has to be 5-7 am then it has to be 5-7 am, sometimes that’s all you have. It’s true. That really is the ideal time for me to get up and do it. After work I’m tired, I need to figure out dinner, spend time with my man, clean up from dinner, and get things situated for the next day. I don’t like mornings, but that has GOT to be when I do it. Then if I happen to have time in the evening too to get an additional one in, GREAT, but if not, at least I know I did my workout that day. I’m totally not a morning person, but let me tell you who IS a morning person.

This guy right here

Oh my, he was quite the chipper little bird during the black team’s workout. Between the earlier noises from Johnny and Bob’s singing or whatever, there was some real weirdness going on in this episode.

Antone is proving to be quite the cry baby. I am annoyed by him. He was an NFL lineman for goodness sakes, and it seems every workout they have, he’s crumpled on the floor crying. It’s one thing to get emotional about the progress. To be as big as they are, there’s baggage there, and it has to be dealt with so they can stop using food to cope with it. There’s baggage with being overweight. It’s emotional. Lots of people break down on that show. It’s not really that he broke down, it’s how he broke down. It just seemed over the top. DRAMATIC, and less authentic. That’s my .02 about the subject.

Then came the Blue team and my annoyance with Anna grew. She really seems like a sweet girl. But she can’t train others for CRAP! I would never be successful with her as my trainer. It’d be a waste of my money. But she did say something that was very true. She said they have a saying in her country, and it basically translates that you have to get your ass off the couch and do something. You can’t wish something into being, you have to make it happen.  And it’s true. I can talk about weightloss all I want. I can have all the right information. But knowing it doesn’t burn calories. Doing it burns calories. Eating right keeps me from having excess calories. Our minds have to be right, and we have to have the tools, but without action it’s all for naught.

And then I got to drool over Dolvett a little bit. Yummy.

Hello lover


One of the frustrations I have with the Biggest Loser is that their advertisements aren’t often the best choice of products. It could always be worse, but they seem to walk the line between totally healthy and doing just enough. Of course they have sponsors and all that. I get it. But their ad was for Yoplait. Yogurt is a great choice, but Yoplait is not. There are much better choices, greek yogurt, plain yogurt that you add your own flavorings to, yoplait is not ideal. It’s good enough, but it’s not great.

Dolvett spoke to Jessica. She talked about being in a 6 year relationship with somebody that was controlling and jealous. During their relationship she gained 135 pounds. She always felt like he forced food on her so that she would get fat and not leave him. I had a very short relationship with someone who I think would have become that. I’m grateful it didn’t last longer than it did. I don’t need any assistance in gaining weight. I do it well enough all on my own.

They did the normal, checking their health segment where the doctor tells them all just how sick they really are. Ramone, at 27 years old is the sickest person in the house. His “Real Age” is 49. He said he never really went to the doctor because he thought he was too young to have any real health issues. He was wrong. Blood Pressure is high, Good cholesterol is low, Bad cholesterol is high, Acid Reflux and Diabetes. I got to thinking about how a lot of us view ourselves that way. I did. I thought I was too young to have any real health issues. Then I realized I could have permanently screwed with my fertility, and now I’m feeling issues with my knees. I thought, “too young until it’s too late.”

That’s why we have to stop kids from forming bad habits.

The challenge they had this episode was a maze with a ball they had to guide through to the hole at the end. The black team won again, and won a 2 pound advantage. The red team won a 1 pound advantage. And the Blue team was just happy to finish it before the night ended. Poor blue team.

The weigh in was no surprise to me.  Black team won the weigh in again. Blue team lost the weigh in again. Johnny actually gained 2 pounds. So it was no surprise when the team voted him off.

The update on Johnny was positive. He was down to 269, having lost a total of 59 pounds since coming on the ranch. I didn’t know if I thought he’d do well at home, but for his age and his easy to give up attitude on the ranch, he did really well at home.  It can be done. At any age, as busy as you might be, it can be done.



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