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D is for Discipline

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I am participating in #tellyourstory2014. You can read about it here. I love this exercise. 2014 is the year of my breakthrough.

Not that I will have “arrived”. Just that there are things I’ve been trying to get hold of for awhile and this is the year it is going to happen. At that point, at the end of this year, those things that I have standing in my way, once removed will give way to the next things. There are things on the other side. Things for me to learn. Ways for me to grow, in things I can’t imagine, in areas I don’t even know I need to.

A recap so far.

A.. Attention, giving instead of seeking. Being others focused more than I am me focused.

B…Bravery, doing what makes me afraid.

C…Consistency , Still a daily struggle.

D..Discipline, AND finding joy in it.

A mentor did a talk on the joy of the disciplined life. It sounded much like me when he spoke of his past. Straight C student, waiting until the last minute to do homework.  He changed. Now he mentors others on many subjects. He teaches people to be successful. He is a multi-millionaire. I counsel with him and have access to learn what he learned. I must take him up on that.

Too many people talk about discipline like it’s a bad thing. Boring. It leaves no room for imagination or exploration. But it does. You can schedule those times. One thing I am working on in the area of discipline is to plan meals 15 days at a time. Then I spend one day making all of the meals. It takes about an hour to shop, 3-5 hours to cook, and then I don’t have to think or plan the rest of the 15 days on what I am going to eat, or take the time to cook it. It’s a time saver.  I wonder how much time we spend wasted on decisions because we are going for what we feel like in the moment. I am working on getting to the place where food is food.  It’s my nourishment and my fuel.

One thing my mentor advises is to sit down each night, write a list of what you have to do the next day, and place beside it the time that you’re going to do it. It helps to consistently fit things in the same time each day if your schedule is one that mostly stays the same.

The meal plan I am succeeding at pretty well. The list making and accomplishing I am failing at pretty well.

Consistently disciplined. It is at the heart of my goals for this year.

What is your D?


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March 4, 2014 at 12:18 pm

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  1. 15 days worth of meals — I am seriously impressed!

    • Thank you. It’s one thing that hasn’t been too awfully difficult. I just have to be mindful in doing it. Once I amass a group of recipes, it’s just a matter of picking those out and sticking them in the meal binder in the right spot. Being single means that one recipe can last 4-6 meals, so it’s not a lot of recipes that I have to get together.

      No More Tomorrows

      March 4, 2014 at 1:16 pm

  2. That is GREAT! I learned the art of discipline as a teen training in dance – I swear it has helped me stay focused in life.. I can’t wait to hear how your meals go! Good for you!


    March 4, 2014 at 8:40 pm

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