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E is for Entrepreneurship

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When I was young, I was obsessed with the Baby-Sitter’s Club books series by Ann M. Martin. It was about a group of teenage girls who started a Babysitting business. They held meetings, took minutes, had a treasurer, and really ran it like a business. I got inspired and decided to start my own. We had one meeting and nothing ever happened. That seems to be the story of my life in many ways. I have had great ideas a lot in my life. But not much has happened with most of them. However that one business idea (though admittedly stolen from a book) was not my own business idea through the years. Even to this day I continue to think up business ideas and ways I can (legally and ethically) make money without having to report to a boss or be away from home and from my husband for 40 hours a week. My heart has always been pulled towards Entrepreneurship.

When I was in college, there was a minor you could obtain, Social Entrepreneurship. It taught you to start and run a non-profit. At that point, even though I was not in that program, I started to dream of non-profits that I could start. In one of my classes we were tasked with designing a youth ministry, from the mission statement, doctrinal beliefs, budget, schedules, etc. I dreamed up the concept of a coffeehouse/youth center for inner city youth to come and hang out, help run, study, do homework, etc. It was pretty detailed and I really wanted to make it a reality. I had the idea to start visiting nontraditional youth groups/centers to observe and study them to help contribute to my future place. Perhaps it can still be a vision for the future.

I am a fan of entrepreneurship. Although I’ve always been told I’m a great employee and I have many wonderful references from former jobs, I have never quite felt like I “fit” in the job world. I’ve always had the desire to do things on my own terms. It’s not that I don’t want to work or am lazy, it’s that if I’m putting my effort into something, I want it to be my own.  It is also something my husband shares, and it is something we both wish to impart on our future children. In addition to the full time jobs each of us have, we also own a business together. It is one of many we’d like to be a part of. It is a Direct Sales/Network Marketing business. It is what we plan to use to fund our future dreams of business ownership. He is into photography and film. I want to write and potentially start a publishing business. We both want to be home with our kids and watch them grow.

In the 21st century, quite a few things have changed and the sky is the limit for business ownership. You can still do that traditional brick and mortar business, or you can get creative, find your niche, and create a business. Find a great business idea, see if it fits a need, if there’s already someone doing it successfully and decide if you want to try and do it better, or if you’re filling a need that hasn’t successfully been filled.  Do you have experience in office/secretarial/data entry type work? Join a virtual assistant website and start to build your portfolio. Then branch out into your own company. There’s network marketing and direct sales (also known as MLM and crazy pyramid scheme things… a reputation not so wrongfully earned but also not completely accurate). Get crafty and set up an etsy site. Take a skill you have and market yourself to help others with that.

If you enjoy working, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t have the entrepreneurial bug, there’s nothing wrong with you. We can’t all be business owners. If we did, the restaurants we eat at would be run entirely by the owners with no employees, hospitals would have no staff, and the world would be crazy. My jobs have taught me amazing skills, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet people, to serve people, and to grow as a person. Every thing I have learned I will put into practice in my own businesses. I am thankful for the jobs I’ve had, and the lessons I learned.

But if you do have the entrepreneurial bug, scratch the itch. Don’t let it sit and stir within you without doing something about it. Even if you’re afraid. Especially if you’re afraid.


I know I got way behind on this project. I refuse to let this be another one of those things I said I was going to do and then let drift off into forgotten ideas of nothingness world. Yeah, I don’t know what that is either. But you get the idea. I will get caught up.  


Written by No More Tomorrows

July 31, 2014 at 10:49 am